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Crimean Tatar Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)


In the last five years, NGO activities in Crimean Tatar communities in Crimea, Ukraine, have increased considerably. Activities extend to the areas of education, health care, human and civil rights, family and women, and the revival of traditional culture. As Crimean Tatars strive to resettle in their ancestral homeland, after a fifty-year forced exile, their work at the grass-roots level is assisted by a number of international organizations.

Among those involved in supporting NGO activities in Crimea are The National Endowment for Democracy (Washington, DC), The International Renaissance Foundation (Kiev office), Open Society Institute (New York), Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (Washington, D.C. and Warsaw), Minority Rights Group (London), Westminster Foundation for Democracy (London), World Press Freedom Committee (New York), Education for Democracy Foundation (Warsaw), Helsinki Human Rights Group (Warsaw), International Organization for Migration (Kiev office), the Eurasia Foundation (Kiev office), the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (Kiev office), The Crimean Tatar Association of Culture and Mutual Aid (Ankara and Istanbul), Stefan Batory Foundation (Warsaw), and the Embassies of the Netherlands, Great Britain, the United States and Canada in Ukraine.

This Web presentation covers 13 Crimean Tatar NGOs located in Simferopol, Bakhchisaray, and Yevpatoria. The descriptions and illustrations were provided by the Crimean Tatar Initiative and the Rebirth of Crimea Foundation. Its publication on the Web has been made possible by the International Committee for Crimea, Washington, D.C. As we expect to include additional information on other Crimean NGOs, we invite you to visit this site again.

25 February 1999

Updated: 30 September 1999

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