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The Yashliq Youth Center (Bakhchisaray)

TheYashliq Center is a youth oriented organization, attached to the Bakhchisaray local Mejlis. Registered in 1995, it aims to develop patriotism and sense of civic responsibility. There are two clubs that function within the organization: Debates Club and Interesting Meetings Club.

Teenagers active in the Debates Club learn not only to express their own opinions but also gain experience in public speaking. In the Interesting Meetings Club, young people have the opportunity to meet with politicians, poets, writers, and educators. Teenagers of every school in Bakhchisaray are organized in special groups, with the aim of providing social services for elderly people. The Youth Center organizes holidays and festivals, and maintains close contact with the Teachers Council.

Address: Tel: (+38 06554) 44278 (h)
Fax: (+38 06554) 47111

Contact person: Mrs. Elvira Derdarova

ICC, P.O.Box 15078, Washington, DC 20003