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The League of Crimean Tatar Women (Simferopol)

The League of Crimean Tatar Women is a social, non-governmental organization, which was established in March 1994. It pursues the following goals and objectives:
  • Defense of women's rights, family, maternity and childhood interests
  • Assistance in the revival of national education and culture
  • Interaction with international democratic and women's organizations
The League's current activities include:
  • Coordinates activities of 35 regional offices of the League
  • Assists national schools, classes and groups in kindergartens
  • Organizes meetings with school children, students, and residents of Crimean Tatar settlements with the purpose of reviving family traditions
  • Gathers a database about large families, orphans, the elderly, and the unemployed
  • Maintains contact with international and Ukrainian women's organizations
The League's past activities may be summarized as:
  • Provided humanitarian and consultative assistance to more than 3,000 families
  • Undertook some cultural activities with the purpose of reviving national customs and traditions
  • Participated in international conferences and seminars on family, education and democracy
  • Received grants from Soros Foundation, Counterpart, Eurasia Foundation and NIS-US Women's Consortium
  • Took part in the social political events, aimed at maintaining stability and international concord in Crimea, and promoting active integration of the Crimean Tatar people into Ukrainian and world community
8, Samokish Street, Simferopol
333011 Crimea, Ukraine
Tel/Fax: (+38 0652) 497274, 273526

Chairperson: Mrs. Safinar Jemileva
Contact: Mrs. Lenara Alimova

ICC, P.O.Box 15078, Washington, DC 20003