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The Rebirth of Crimea Foundation (Bakhchisaray)

The Rebirth of Crimea Foundation (RCF) was established in 1994 in Bakhchisaray, with the purpose of assisting NGOs by acting as a 'resource center.' It provides advice, helps with proposal writing, identifies funding sources, and coordinates placements in training and other programs in Ukraine and abroad. The RCF maintains contact with representatives of American and Western European foundations in Ukraine, as well as with local governments in a number of Crimean cities.

Journalism class

The RCF performs a variety of services for Crimean NGO representatives. In addition to consultations at its office, it offers access to NGO networks and joint activities, sets up meetings with representatives of western foundations, and provides information  about new training and funding opportunities. Similarly, the RCF representatives travel at least once each quarter to areas in Crimea where NGOs are located to meet with their representatives, offer advice and assistance with problem solving, and meet local officials and independent media.

The need for RCF activities has partly risen from the fact that Western foundations were previously inactive in Crimea. Ukrainian NGOs have also been slow to reach out to their Crimean counterparts, which are geographically isolated from the rest of Ukraine, Europe and the West. The Foundation employs four full-time staff members.

Update on 1999 Activities:

Rebirth of Crimea Foundation has continued to provide assistance to non-profit organizations in Crimea.

The folk dance group of Dzhemile Osmanova travelled to Poland and gave ten performances in various cities, where they were met with enthusiastic response. The tour was organized with the assistance of the Polish IDEE Foundation and the RCF.

The RFC assisted several organizations and national schools with writing project proposals that were submited to the regional branch of the International Renaissance Foundation. Among them are the Emel Parents Committee (Bakhchisaray), and schools of Mirnovka (Dzhankoy district) and Teplovka (Simferopol district). All three projects aimed to increase information support at schools by purchasing computer equipment (for Internet access), textbooks and books, and subscription to newspapers.

The Foundation staff provides technical assistance in publishing the socio-political magazine Ocaq in Crimean Tatar and Russian languages. Plans call for distributing this publication among the Crimean Tatar Diaspora abroad. In addition, using the computer facilities of the RCF, the Ukrainian House organization (Bakhchisaray) publishes its local independent biweekly newspaper Dumka in Ukrainian and Russian languages.

A new project, which aims to publish a digest of the historical Terjuman newspaper, has recently approved by the International Renaissance Foundation. First published in 1883 by the famous Crimean Tatar leader Ismail Bey Gasprinski, Terjuman continued to be published until 1918.

The Foundation was a co-sponsor of the recent journalism camp that was held in Bakhchisaray. Organized with financial support from the Stefan Batory Foundation (Poland), the camp offered to aspiring young journalists from Poland, Ukraine, and Crimea training in publishing newsletters. Besides producing three newsletters, the participants had an opportunity to learn about the culture, traditions, and customs of other ethnic groups, and to visit numerous historical and cultural sites in Crimea.

Illustration: A recent seminar on the basics of journalism, organized by the RCF and sponsored by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (London).

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