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Emel: Parents Committee (Bakhchisaray)

The Emel Parents Committee is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, which was officially registered in May 1998. It represents parents of students attending four Bakhchisaray schools. The aims of this organization are to assist with the opening of new educational institutions that teach in the Crimean Tatar language and to provide parental input into school activities in order to produce the best educational results.

The organization achieves its goals thru the implementation of the following activities:

  • informs parents about the school rules and Ukrainian laws relating to education;
  • undertakes fund-raising activities to support schools;
  • sponsors events to cultivate the love of Motherland, culture and traditions, and native language;
  • conducts programs on the history of religion;
  • supports preservation and restoration of cultural and historical monuments in Crimea;
  • organizes internship programs and continuing education courses for teachers within Ukraine and abroad;
  • arranges out-of-school and free-time activities for students;
  • holds meetings for parents to share experiences and undertake joint projects;
  • develops contacts with similar organizations in other countries.

Currently, the Parents Committee includes 21 members. Soon after its official registration, the organization began to work actively on creating the Crimean Tatar school in Bakhchisaray, with the support of other public organizations such as the Teachers' Council and the Rebirth of Crimea Foundation. The Committee members gathered more than 850 signatures from parents who wanted to send their children to a Crimean Tatar national school. Several meetings were held with the Educational Department of the District State Administration. Consequently, the State Administration approved the establishment of a national Crimean Tatar school in Bakhchisaray in August 1998. The Committee continues to work with governmental offices and civic organizations on issues relating to national education. Recently, it was awarded a grant by the International Renaissance Foundation to purchase equipment for a computer laboratory at the new school.

1, Pushkin Street, Bakhchisaray
334410 Crimea, Ukraine
Tel: (+38 06554) 41217, 47491

Chairman: Amet Refatov

ICC, P.O.Box 15078, Washington, DC 20003