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Crimea-L, which remained inactive for a while, was activated on March 1, 2014, due to members' concern for the illegal invasion of the Crimea by pro-Russian forces. It is no longer active and the past files are not available.

CRIMEA-L: A Discussion List on Crimea and Crimean Tatars


CRIMEA-L is a moderated communications list dedicated to Crimea, Crimean Tatar people, and related topics, as outlined below. This introductory message provides general information on the purpose, scope and guidelines of the list, which we hope will be helpful to new subscribers and to those interested in subscribing. Please read it carefully and do not hesitate to contact the list administrator(s) if you have any further questions.

CRIMEA-L list was created on 24 November 1998 by the International Committee for Crimea (ICC) to serve as a tool of communication and exchange of information on Crimea and Crimean Tatars. Originally, the official languages of CRIMEA-L were English, Crimean Tatar, and Turkish. For the next five years, as the membership gradually grew, CRIMEA-L became predominantly a group of Turkish and Crimean Tatar speaking individuals. On 24 November 2003, KIRIM Haber (Crimea News) was created for Turkish and Crimean Tatar speaking members, and CRIMEA-L now continues as a list in English only.

Additional information about Crimean Tatars, their history and culture, and the current situation, is found at ICC's Web site and Crimean Tatar Internet Resources.

ICC - International Committee for Crimea Web site:


Sec I.

CRIMEA-L is a moderated list, open to any interested individual who may wish to join it. The opinions expressed on CRIMEA-L by its administrator(s) or subscribers do not necessarily reflect the official views of the ICC. The opinions expressed here are of respective author(s)/writer(s).

Currently, CRIMEA-L is hosted by Yahoo! Inc.

Sec II.

CRIMEA-L is a medium for discussing any subject relating to Crimea and Crimean Tatars: history and culture; social life and religion; economics and politics; humanitarian aid and refugees; education and science; travel and tourism; sports and entertainment; human rights and promotion of democracy in Crimea.

Meanwhile, CRIMEA-L is not for chain letters, personal or Web site advertisements, postings not related to Crimea and the group. If unsure, please contact the list administrator(s).

Sec III.

The official language of CRIMEA-L is primarily English. Famous quotes and expressions in other languages are also allowed but must be kept to a minimum in order to make the postings understandable.

Those individuals who speak Crimean Tatar and/or Turkish may also want to subscribe to KIRIM Haber, also sponsored by the International Committee for Crimea. (To subscribe, send e-mail to:

Sec IV.

The CRIMEA-L members are of different ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. The purpose of CRIMEA-L is to provide a medium for all to discuss their interests in Crimean Tatar people and such discussions must be beneficial to the community of Crimean Tatar people at large.

Sec V.

The rules of the List must be *strictly* followed to ensure high quality discussions. The subscription to the list may be revoked, if any of the rules is broken. In time, we might gradually revise all the guidelines.

  1. Postings must be related to the purposes of CRIMEA-L list as outlined above. Chain letters and personal or Web site advertisements are not acceptable.

  2. Messages sent to Crimea-L must be signed, showing first and last name, and name of the place where the correspondent lives.

  3. Attachments (documents or images) sent with messages are filed at the Yahoo Web site and are no longer distributed as part of messages.

  4. Excessively polemical postings, obscene plagiarism and academic dishonesty, including deliberate misattribution of quotations from historical documents and figures, are not allowed.

  5. Messages containing profanity or excessive rudeness, posts that lack appropriate civility, statements containing personal abuse, slander or libel or messages violating copyright or other property rights of individuals are not acceptable.

  6. Propagation of national, religious, racial, sexual, or ethnic hostility or animosity, including posts openly justifying violence, war crimes, or ethnic cleansing, will not be tolerated.

  7. Members who violate the above rules may be sent a warning by the List administrator(s) and/or may not be allowed to post to the List. Repeated violations may lead to the removal from the List.


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COPYRIGHT issues: Everything written in CRIMEA-L Discussion List is protected under International and US copyright laws. The law does not require to append the copyright notice to the end of the work, although to enhance the importance of the subject, it is advised to do so. No messages, statements or letters are to be posted, discussed or transmitted in other media, without prior approval from the writer(s). GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE EXCEPTED. Similarly, messages or statements sent to other lists or newsletters by other individuals may not be posted to Crimea-L without the permission of respected authors.

"Stalking" or harassing a Crimea-L member or Crimea-L moderator is not allowed.

At CRIMEA-L, we try to continue our tradition of mutual courtesy and understanding, and respect for every member. In order to maintain quality discussions and to make CRIMEA-L beneficial to everyone, we urge everyone to follow the above guidelines.


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Updated: August 2020