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This year (2014) marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Ismail Bey Gaspirali (1851-1914). UNESCO participates in celebrating the life of Gaspirali by placing his name on the list of "Celebration of Anniversaries in 2014," which includes eminent personalities whose anniversaries are observed by Member States of the United Nations. Nominated by Turkey, with the support of Ukraine, Gaspirali (or Gasprinskii) is already a well-known figure in the Turkic world. We hope that UNESCO's endorsement will lead to better appreciation of Gaspirali worldwide.

The ICC Web site already includes an important section on Gaspirali, developed on the 150th anniversary of his birth in 1851. As can be seen from the contents page below, various aspects of Gaspirali's work are detailed in scholarly articles, a long obituary by a contemporary (R. Fahreddin), a timeline and a bibliography.

Ismail Bey Gaspirali   A Note on the Name Gaspirali
  A Model Leader for Asia, Ismail Gaspirali
   by Alan W. Fisher
    Ismail Bey Gasprinskii's Tercüman
     by Edward J. Lazzerini
       Gasprinskii and Turkic Modernism
        by Edward J. Lazzerini
         Life of Ismail Bey Gaspirali: A Timeline
         by Inci Bowman
          Gaspirali and Crimean Tatar Emigrations by M. B. Altan
         Gaspirali and Women's Education
        by Mubeyyin B. Altan
        Ismail Bey Gasprinskii, 1851-1914
       by Rizaeddin Kadı Fahreddin
      Ismail Gaspirali's Legacy
     by Brian G. Williams
    Publications of Ismail Bey Gaspirali
  A Photo Album (in 3 parts)

Presented in April 2001 by the International Committee for Crimea, Washington, DC, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ismail Bey Gaspirali, a Crimean Tatar leader, publisher and educator.


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