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Islamic Knowledge in Ukraine


It is often believed that under the Soviet regime in Ukraine — in particular after the mass deportation of Crimean Tatars — Islam ceased to be a communal project. New research, however, reveals that the local reproduction of religious knowledge has continued to date. Moreover, it has shaped to a great extent the religious fabric after the breakdown of the Soviet Union. Many younger Muslims consider this traditional knowledge too inadequate to address the challenges of today. They turn increasingly to alternative knowledge supplied by a variety of organizations and individuals from the Middle East and elsewhere.

Alexander Bogomolov

The article "Islamic Knowledge in Ukraine" by Alexander Bogomolov first appeared in the ISIM Newsletter /Review (No. 14, June 2004, pages 20-21), published by the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World ( in Leiden, The Netherlands. As the largest population of Muslims in Ukraine lives in Crimea, this article is of great interest to Crimean Tatar studies. Alexander Bogomolov is President of the Association of Middle East Studies and Head of the Modern Orient Department at Krymski Institute of Oriental Studies, Kyiv, Ukraine. He recently published a book on Islam in Ukraine. The entire article can be accessed at the ISIM Web site:

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