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No Other Home: Crimean Tatars

No Other Home: Crimean Tatars is a multi-media project that explores the idea of "home" among Crimean Tatars trying to settle in their homeland after fifty years in exile. Utilizing photographs, ethnographic recordings, video and the written word, the project aims to illustrate complexities involved in the repatriation process. In a broader context, it seeks to promote an understanding of the rights of minority or indigenous people in disputed territories such as Crimea.

A Traditional Crimean Tatar House

A Traditional Crimean Tatar House

  • Directed by Maria Sonevytsky, a doctoral student in ethnomusicology at Columbia University, New York; and Alison Cartwright, an award-winning New York-based photographer.
  • An exhibit of 30 photographs, enhanced by Crimean Tatar music and taped interviews, to be shown in Simferopol, Kyiv, L'viv, New York and Washington, DC.
  • Sponsored by the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation, Washington, DC.

To find out more about this Crimean Tatar Multi-Media Project and to see how you can support it, please go the Web site of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation.

Illustration: A Crimean Tatar activist stands in front of the house of his grandparents, which remains occupied by Slavic settlers brought to Crimea after the deportation. The returnees have not been able to get back the homes they left behind. Neither have they received compensation for the lost property. (Photograph by Alison Cartwright.)

Posted: 1 September 2008

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